[02 Oct] ‘Marketing: The Core’: Making things better and making better things


The consistently more complex marketing environment: numerous touch points, communication channels and data overflow.
  • Make change happen, gain clients/audience
  • Position your service or product so that it is truly outstanding
  • Clearly see opportunities to create value in the market
  • Develop worthwhile products and services
  • Communicate in ways that resonate and spread

*C4E 101: Series of Lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship APPROVED


When:  Wednesday October 2nd 12:00-13:00

Where: Learning Resource Centre UCY Library "Stelios Ioannou" Room 017



  • Centre of entrepreneurship



Dr. Daina  Nicolaou  has been with the  Department  of  Business and  Public  Administration  at  the  University  of  Cyprus  (UCY)  since  2012.
She  has  a  BSc  in  Public and  Business  Administration  from  UCY  with  specialization  in  Marketing  and  Management  and  an MBA  (full  scholarship).  Dr  D.  Nicolaou continued  her  studies  at  Warwick  Business  School  where  she  attained  a  PhD  in  Strategy, Marketing  and  Management.  She  then  proceeded  with  postdoctoral  studies at  the University  of  Oxford.  She  has been teaching  Entrepreneurship,  Marketing,  Management  and  Research  related  courses  since 2003.
She  is  also  a  registered  ISO  Quality  Assessor  and  a  certified  trainer  by  the  Human Resource  Development  Authority.  Additionally,  she  has  the  Postgraduate  Award  of  Professional  and Academic  Practice  of  the University  of  Warwick.
Dr  D. Nicolaou  is  a  mentor  at  the  Centre  for  Entrepreneurship  at  UCY.
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