To foster opportunities for the UCY community to acquire substantial knowledge in entrepreneurship, exposure in innovative business environments and interdisciplinary collaborations.

The aim of this action is to create conditions and opportunities so that students and young researchers of the UCY can acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in entrepreneurship, experience in innovative business environments and exposure to interdisciplinary and international collaborations. To this end, C4E will promote educational activities at the undergraduate and graduate level and interdepartmental audiences through:

  1. Semi-annual or short-term courses on topics such as: "Introduction to Entrepreneurship", "Entrepreneurship High Technology", "Innovation" "Creativity", "Financing startups", "International Markets", "Business Planning"
  2. Courses and empirical exercise workshops with interdepartmental student teams on relevant topics to startups, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurshipand business entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship)
  3. Organise an annual series of seminars entitled "Innovation and Entrepreneurship", including lectures and roundtables discussions on innovative entrepreneurship
  4. Attract and promote entrepreneurship and innovation competitions to UCY such as Startup Live, Startup Weekend and Hackathon
  5. Support participation of UCY students and researchers to entrepreneurship competitions, business accelerators and innovative entrepreneurship courses hosted by foreign centers of excellence

Finally, It will consider the possibility of modification of the curriculum regulation to include a Certificate in Entrepreneurship depicting the global knowledge and experience students gain during their studies.


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