[25 Nov] ‘Predicting investment trends by seeing the world through consumers’ eyes’


Tassos Stassopoulos argues that too many investors and companies have behavioural biases when making decisions. Companies look at the world through the rose-tinted spectacles of their own innovations and existing operations. They believe their own hype about their products. As Chief Investment Officer at Trinetra Investment Management, Tassos believes that consumers, not companies, dictate trends, and that the best way of staying ahead of the curve is understanding the consumer mindset through ethnographic research. In this discussion Tassos will outline the importance of viewing the world through consumers’ eyes to understand not just what is happening, but why things are happening, which helps us predict what will happen next.


C4E 101: Series of Lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Fall 2022


When: Friday November 25, 16:00-17:00

Where: LRC014 - Learning Resource Centre "Stelios Ioannou"/ UCY Library 



  • Centre for Entrepreneurship


Speaker: Tassos Stassopoulos, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Trinetra Investment Management

Tassos Stassopoulos is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Trinetra Investment Management, a dedicated investment boutique that seeks to gain an edge through its deep understanding of consumer behaviour.

Over the past 13 years, Tassos has led 27 ethnographic studies in 15 different Emerging Markets from the favelas of Brazil and drug trafficking villages in Mexico to the villages of rural India and the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. He has written in the Financial Times, and his ground-breaking work on the predictive power of analysing people's fridges was the subject of a BBC program called "Fridgeonomics".

In 2016 he founded Trinetra Investment Management, which uses ethnographic research to capture growth opportunities in emerging markets. Trinetra believes that consumers themselves dictate long-term trends, not the companies that sell to them, so studies consumers in their homes, in villages and town across Emerging Markets, providing a unique insight into their lives, challenges and the solutions that they see to their own problems.

Tassos read Economics at Cambridge University before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen and then becoming a management consultant.



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