[23 Oct] CYEC First Networking Event

The first Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 networking event took place on Friday October 23rd at the University of Cyprus with the participation of CyEC 2020 stakeholders: Panel of Judges, Mentors, trainers, supporters and the key players of CyEC, the teams that have been selected to proceed in Stage 2 - the Acceleration Program of the competition.

Opening remarks to the event were addressed by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Professor Irene - Anna Diakidoy and the Chief Scientist for Research & Innovation of Cyprus Dr. Nikolas Mastroyiannopoulos. They both agreed that such initiatives contribute to the development of the Knowledge Economy and offer a platform where scientists, researchers, students and corporates have the opportunity to work and experiment productively between theory and practice. Initiator of the event was the Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship professor Marios D. Dikaiakos who described the activities of the competition thus far and introduced the 9 teams of CyEC 2020. The teams had the opportunity to present their project and introduce all the team members in a short presentation. 

The CyEC teams that participate to the second phase of the competition and its acceleration program are: 

Active Citizen: 

ActiveCitizen is a management service that allows for quick, easy and direct assessment of complaints/suggestions made by the public for Public-Interest organizations/companies. 

BeHive Consulting Academy:

Through virtual onboarding and training BeHive Consulting Academy prepares graduates to enter the management consulting industry and help companies become more competitive by fully utilizing their new hires through a cost-effective way.


Fooderloo provides a website and an application both for Android and iOS, that food suppliers can use to make available information about consumable products they have near expiration. This can help dispose edible products near expiration date, to people unaware of their existence. 


The Malloc app is an Artificial Intelligence(AI)-powered software solution, for smart devices, offering automated detection and prevention of unattended data transmissions in real-time. Malloc enables mobile device owners to protect their data and regain their privacy in a simple, automated and effective way. 


Qbon is an app that allows shoppers to discover sales and deals from their favourite retailers


Sky Solutions aims to use remote sensing and image processing to monitor and control unpredictable environmental problems and natural hazards such as Forest Fires, Forest Illegal Activities, Coastal area illegal activities, Agricultural crop health, surveillance and defence. 


SmartEye is a smart assistive device that helps visually impaired and blind people in navigation and mobility. SmartEye offers assistance and intelligent guidance that provide autonomous mobility to the user to walk more confidently and safely.


Spacemou platform helps hosts be able to upload any space they have for free and rent it by the hour and guests will be able to log in to the Spacemou online platform and find an abundance of spaces according to their event they want to host.

Victual:Victual will apply digital transformation methods to make dining or even going out for a drink more efficient. This application is aiming to give the opportunity to its subscribers (business owners) to organize, accommodate and advertise their business in the platform. 


More information about the selected teams of CyEC 2020 is published on the competition’s website:


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