Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition CYEC 2020 Stage 1 Results

The CyEC2020 panel of judges completed the evaluation of the applications submitted by teams from Cyprus and abroad under the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 program. Based on the results, 10 teams are invited to participate in the CyEC Acceleration Program (https://cyec.org.cy/acceleration-program/).

The teams/projects that are selected to proceed in Stage 2 of the CyEC as follows (alphabetical order):


BeHive Consulting Academy




Sky Solutions





For the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2020, 34 applications were submitted. All submissions were evaluated by the CyEC Jury (Panel of Judges) on their merits in developing successful businesses in the marketplace. All applicants submitted an Executive Summary of a pitch deck up to 4-7 pages long, where they outlined: i) The Business Idea ii) The Competitive Advantages iii) The Target Market iv) Technology v) The Market Potential and vi) The Qualities of the Team.

At the end of CyEC Acceleration Program, teams are required to submit a well-developed Business Plan. The CyEC Jury will evaluate and rate the submitted Business Plans and select the finalist teams for Stage 3.

The CyEC 2020 Jury agreed that this year’s submissions demonstrate significant improvement in terms of quality and maturity. The submitted projects represent preliminary positive outcomes of common effort and commitment of all the Cyprus entrepreneurial ecosystem stakeholders: academia, corporates, policy makers and start-ups!

The Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 aspires to nurture an entrepreneurial culture among - scientists, startup founders, and hi-tech entrepreneurs, and challenge them to transform their ideas into real business opportunities and to the leading companies of tomorrow. The CyEC Organizing committee and the CyEC partners network aim at the development, quality improvement and promotion of the Cyprus Entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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