[07 May] Entrepreneurship beyond Covid-19: Lessons, Insights and Considerations from Boston, Beijing and Cyprus

Summary: Online Panel Discussion

The Covid-19 epidemic has brought an unprecedented upheaval to health systems, societies, and economies, disrupting the flow of people, goods, and capital, and raising existential threats to new and established companies. Public and private institutions around the world frantically seek ways to respond to the crisis, accelerating medical research and the translation of its findings into novel medications and treatment protocols, investigating the use of data to drive applicable policy-making decisions with a direct and far-reaching impact, and fast-tracking the uptake of digitalization to cope with social distancing and to move processes and services from the physical to the virtual world.

We bring together a panel of international and national experts, from the USA, China, Europe and Cyprus to discuss and give us their unique perspective on the crisis. The discussion will be live-streamed and the audience will be able to submit their own questions or contribute their own opinion on the topic via:

C4E YouTube channel - here

C4E Facebook page - here


When: Thursday May 7th 15:00 EEST

Where: Online



  • Centre for Entrepreneurship

  • MBA Program



Giorgos Zacharia
Chief Technology Officer-KAYAK, Boston, USA

Philip Ammerman
Investment Advisor-Navigator Consulting Group, Limassol, Cyprus

Pantelis Angelides
Director and Principal risk & resilience consultant-Quadprime Cyprus Ltd 

Wang Fei
International Cooperation Director-TusStar Incubator, Beijing, China

Moderator: Marios D. Dikaiakos, Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Cyprus


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