[13 Nov] ‘How to video interview 101’ by Katia Kyriakoudes


Its not always easy to have your interview done face to face with the company you want to work and is miles away from you. First impressions are key and many companies ask for either a live video interview or that you explain yourself in an one minute video.
How do you do that? What are the crucial things to avoid in such situations? Yes you might be doing the video home but should you be wearing your favorite sports t-shirt while the TV is on in the background?
We will talk about the right set up, the right lighting, and how to make eye contact even through a camera. Simple steps of video editing will be shown as well as examples will be given.


When: Wednesday November 13th 17:00 -18:00

Where: LRC 017, University of Cyprus



  • Centre of Entrepreneurship


Trainer: Katia Kyriakoudes

Katia started in the world of Youtube 4 years ago at the same time she also started her University studies here at our University where she just graduated with excellence. She was always camera-interested from a very young age where she remembers herself always holding a camera and recording all family travels. But she was always behind cameras as she still was shy. Katia overcame her shyness when by showing her side of craziness on Instagram, she started noticing people interested in her unique character and started asking her to create a video of her own, and so began her journey on Youtube. Katia has now reached the number one spot as a female Youtube in Cyprus and in Greece.
Katia has now worked with huge brands like Fanta, Starbucks, Kit Kat, etc and finds herself using her strong voice helping animals in need and spread awareness on climate change and plastic pollution.

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