[Apr. 28] Morpheus Cup

Morpheus Cup

In the frame of the European Universities & Graduate Schools championship's 3rd edition, we are pleased to invite you, the students, to participate in the Morpheus Cup and to get the chance to win €50,000 worth of prizes.

Top 5 reasons to participate for your students:
  •   Send your business solutions to investors and employers participating and get the chance to develop them
  •   Join us with your team in Luxembourg on April 28th for one day of challenges and meet with recruiting companies
  •   Compete with hundreds of European students and increase your school awareness at the international level
  •   Meet with investors, partners, and public or private decisions markers
  •   Win the Cupor one of the 27 thematic awards and €50,000 worth of prizes

Registrations have to be done before March 1st 2017 and it is free.Participation is open to all students and all universities.

Students can participate in: the Morpheus Prize and/or the Morpheus Cup.

Morpheus Prize: A remote challenge for students and projects holders
  -   Send a 10 slides project
  -   Individual or collective teams
  -   No need to attend the event
  -   Research projects start-ups
  -   Win €25.000 worth of prize
  -   Participate in one or several of the following categories: Business, FinTech, Artifical Intelligence, Healthcare, Retail, Coding, Design, Space, Telecom, Mobility... Find out the full list on:

Morpheus Cup: A live competition in Luxembourg (April 28th)
  -   By team of 2 or 3 students
  -   Win €25.000 worth of prize
  -   Assess global (culture & creative) or specific (marketing, design, IT, finance...) skills

Find out all the information about the championship in the brochure attached. If needed, visit:

Team Morpheus Cup:


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