Towards a Business Model: The Value Proposition Canvas

The Class:

17/05 14:00 – 16:00pm

Identifying the ‘Value Proposition’ that our customers are looking for and ensuring product-market fit is a crucial stage of the customer development process.  Commercializing an idea requires a clear value statement that reflects market needs, differentiates from competition and helps customers decide. In this session we will be analyzing the value proposition canvas as a tool that helps early stage entrepreneurs address this challenge and link it to their overall  business model. The process flows from an initial conceptual solution-market fit to a validated product-market fit.
The session will also address customer discovery tools and mechanisms that help entrepreneurs understand what their potential customers need.  Finally, the session will touch upon how we can best communicate this value to our customers.

*ΚΕΠ 101: Series of Lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship APPROVED

The Workshop:

18/05 10:00am – 14:00pm

In the workshop, teams will have the opportunity to work on their own ideas, discuss and present the value proposition of their projects.  We will be filling out in detail the value proposition canvas for each customer segment to identify similarities and differences that may affect the overall commercialization process. Participating teams will also focus on communicating the value proposition in an appropriate manner for different stakeholder groups, such as customers or investors.

*ΚΕΠ 101: Series of Lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship APPROVED

The Class, Thursday May 17th 14:00 – 16:00pm Location: Building FEB 01 (MBA Building), Amphitheatre B224 , Level -2

The Workshop, Friday May 18th 10:00am – 14:00pm Location: Building FEB 01 (MBA Building), Amphitheatre B223 , Level -2


Alexis Komselis
  • Director, ALBA Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development, ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece.
  • VentureGarden Athens Director

Alexis is the co-founder and director of AHEAD - ALBA Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development at ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece. Alexis is an entrepreneurship and family business educator, researcher and practitioner with an expertise in business modelling and family business sustainability.

He is currently teaching theoretical and experiential courses for the MSc in Entrepreneurship at ALBA, while leading relevant workshops and courses for ALBA’s Executive Development. He has co-created and manages VentureGarden, a project supporting aspiring entrepreneurs, in Athens and Southern Greece.

He has been involved in the research, teaching and celebration of entrepreneurship for several years, having managed the “Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies” MOOC Project for Greece (videos available here), advised the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Association as a scientific collaborator for the selection process of the Kouros Awards for Entrepreneurship, managed the eponymous Stelios Haji-Ioannou Award for Young Entrepreneurs in Greece for the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, and helped establish the Green Dreams Competition for sustainable entrepreneurship.

Alexis has been an instructor, mentor and judge in several start up competitions and workshops, such as the Entrepreneurship School in Athens, Reload Greece Bootcamp, Startup Live Athens and Athens Startup Weekend University.

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