Key Financial Principles


Running your own company means following your own dream and riding the path to potential success. It does also mean however having certain responsibilities against your fellow shareholders, your staff and of course the state authorities. This seminar aims initially to give a high level introduction to basic accounting principles that would allow the participants to understand key financial reports and how to best use them to monitor the performance of their business. It will then move on to highlight key legal considerations of a Cyprus registered company and offer a quick overview of a company's tax and VAT obligations. It will close with a presentation of the tax and legal advantages of Cyprus as an Intellectual Property location.

When: Monday, November 6, 2017 09:00-16:30

Where: University of Cyprus, New Campus KOD03 - Social Activities Center, Room 101


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  • Michalis Stavrides: Director at Tax, Reporting and Strategy Services of PwC Cyprus, responsible for servicing local and international clients across industry groups setting their operations in Cyprus. He is currently driving the provision of finance function and payroll outsourcing services, personal taxation and general company compliance services.

  • Marilena Shakalli Maroudia: Tutor of PwC’s Academy. She is involved in teaching trainee accountants for their professional exams, as well as offering client seminars in Cyprus and overseas. She specialises in Financial Accounting and Financial Reporting. She is also delivering business skills seminars such as "Train the Trainer" and "Presenting with impact" both in Cyprus and overseas. She delivered seminars in many countries including Greece, Germany, Mauritius, Oman, Qatar and Dubai.


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