UCY Entrepreneur Award

The Centre for Entrepreneurship introduces the UCY Entrepreneur Award, a distinction honoring members of the University of Cyprus community who demonstrate success in innovative entrepreneurship.

Through this Award, C4E aspires to present and celebrate the achievements of recent or present affiliates of the University (alumni, researchers, students, faculty, employees), who created value for the economy and society through entrepreneurial activities characterized by traits like novelty, risk-taking, scientific or technical excellence, social responsibility, and an international outlook.

The Award is presented by the Rector of the University to an individual or team, during the annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum. The Awardee is expected to be present at the Forum to receive the award and address the audience with a short talk on his/her entrepreneurial journey.


Eligible candidates are University of Cyprus faculty, researchers, post-doctorate and PhD students or alumni who have been enrolled at any University of Cyprus undergraduate or graduate program in the last ten years. Up to three (3) eligible candidates can be nominated together as one (1) team candidate.

Application Process

Nominees must be nominated by a University of Cyprus faculty or staff member, student, or alumni, or nominate themselves. An eligible candidate can approach potential nominators to seek nomination.

Step 1: Nominators fill out the UCY Entrepreneur Award form on behalf of the nominee. Nominations must be sent on or before March 18th 2019.

Step 2: C4E will contact the nominee via email to submit supplemental materials. These materials will include:

  • Cover Letter (one-page maximum to support your nomination)

  • Resume/CV

  • References: Names of two (2) referees from whom recommendations can be requested, or recommendation letters. Referees can be students, coworkers, investors, mentors, faculty, staff and/or alumni familiar with the entrepreneurial work and impact of the nominee(s).

  • All application materials (cover letter, resume/CV) must be received on or before March 31th 2019.

Evaluation Of Nominations

The Council of Entrepreneurship of the University of Cyprus (https://www.c4e.org.cy/about-us/council) acts as Award Selection Committee. The Council will evaluate applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Entrepreneurial activity demonstrating “an entrepreneurial mindset in scientific and scholarly work that embraces creativity, critical thinking, imagination, risk-taking and the bold experimentation with new ideas and transformative scientific approaches,” in accordance with the principles of C4E.

  • Entrepreneurial activity demonstrating novelty, risk-taking, scientific or technical excellence, social responsibility, and an international outlook.

  • Significant impact in serving the common good through job creation, novel products, processes and services, implemented by new or existing ventures, in private or public organizations, governmental institutions or non-governmental initiatives.

  • Contribution to the creation of a sustainable innovation ecosystem in Cyprus.

During the evaluation process, it remains at the Council of Entrepreneurship’s discretion to seek reference and independent advice by external experts.

The Award Selection Committee will make final selections in April 2019.


The UCY Entrepreneur Award will be presented at the 4th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF2019) "4th Industrial Revolution: Technology and Society"

The award winner will be notified via email prior to April 19 and she/he is expected to give a 10-minute talk on her entrepreneurial journey on the presentation of the Award.


Please contact c4e@ucy.ac.cy with any questions.